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Birch plywood is a versatile material with an extensive scope.
Due to its high physical and mechanical properties and pleasant appearance, birch plywood finds more and more application in the design of exterior and interior, as well as in the manufacture of furniture, floor coverings, playgrounds.


​With Structural Grade ,The most widely used birch plywood is construction, as a universal structural material for the construction of buildings, partitions, walls. As an element of the roof and flooring. Birch plywood was also widely used in various form work systems, in the construction of scaffolding and protective structures.


Furniture Manufacturing and Interior

The texture of plywood allows you to create furniture that has a very attractive appearance, with a complete imitation of wood-like surfaces, but at the same time cheaper than using natural wood. Plywood also finds application in the design of exterior and interior, the production of flooring, playgrounds and toys.

Shop Fit Out & Design

Plywood is as convenient as a plane for advertising, the thickness of 12 or 15 mm can withstand significant loads and cope well with different weather and climatic conditions. Gusts of wind, showers - all this will be no matter the solid plywood. One has only to take a closer look, and you will see for yourself that not a single street can do without plywood. Material can embody any idea; any shape can be made from it.



Very often plywood containers are preferred when it is necessary to prepare specialized goods for transportation. Regardless of the design features, the container has excellent water resistance, can have the property of fire resistance, light weight makes it extremely attractive when transporting goods abroad with the possibility of air transportation.

Transport, Flooring & Engineering

Plywood is a fairly durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly material. According to many indicators, it bypasses metals, since it is not susceptible to corrosion, is easily processed, and with any temperature differences, even in weight, it bypasses metals with its lightness. It is widespread as an element of the construction of trailers, vans, containers, buses, wagons and much more.


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